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Feb 21


 Recently, our office has implemented a new twist to our oral care that we provide to our patients.  It is something called “Pre-Polishing.”


What is pre-polishing ?

Pre-Polishing is a method of removing soft plaque during the inital phase of the appointment.  It is esentially, sweeping before mopping.

Why do we do it?

  • Used as an assessment/evaluation tool. Polishing first gives you a chance to look around the entire mouth before you scale. Evaluate tissue color, contour, consistency, and bleeding at the same time plaque is removed. Evaluate home care and show the patient where they are missing. You are alerted to sensitive areas and can follow up with the application of a desensitizing medicament prior to scaling.
  • Remove supragingival dental biofilm and stain. This helps you focus on the subgingival debridement in a more definitive way.
  • Desensitize with new polishing pastes that are more logically applied prior to scaling.
  • Shorten appointment time/scaling time.

Check out the following article if you would like more info on the topic.



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